Dentist: Choosing the Right Professional

Dentist: Choosing the Right Professional

Most certified dental practitioners are likely qualified enough to provide basic care, but there are a range of factors that decide whether a particular service is right for you and your family. Whether your current family dentist no longer practices or you need specialized care, it is important to keep certain considerations in mind before opting for a new dentist in Fort Myers.

Word of mouth is probably the most reliable source of information. When looking for a prospective dentist in Ft. Myers, look for recommendations from friends or ask around your neighborhood. The next step is to pay a personal visit to a potential dentist’s clinic to get an idea about the operation and infrastructure. A competent dental service, apart from having the right framework in place, should also offer value-added services such as emergency care and weekend consultation options. While it is important for dental practitioners to also provide a cost-effective service, it is equally critical that costing is not the limiting factor when other aspects are a good fit.

Choosing a Dental Service by Specialty

Depending on the dental needs of your family at any specific point in time you may have to seek the services of a specialist. Most dentists understand when a patient’s concerns are outside their expertise, and will often refer patients to an expert when the need presents itself. If in doubt, feel free to enquire on their level of experience in the said specialty since this can help you make a well-informed decision.

Dentist: Choosing the Right Professional

A ‘general dentist’ is one who deals with common dental concerns and tooth extractions. When patients present with specific dental problems a referral to a qualified specialist may be offered. Certain dental disorders call for specialized care, and this is where the services of an expert can make a difference. Common dental specialties include:

Orthodontist: The specialist to consult in case of problems with tooth development and alignment. An orthodontist is also likely a dental surgeon qualified to perform oral and maxillofacial surgery, which can help correct an abnormal jaw structure.

Endodontist: Patients facing root canal problems are best treated by an endodontist.

Periodontist: A dental specialty that helps treat deep-seated gum disease, or periodontitis. A periodontist may also perform invasive procedures such as dental implants and bone rafts depending on symptoms presented.

Prosthodontist: This specialist helps restore lost teeth by rebuilding the tooth with bridges or replacing missing teeth with dentures.

Aside from specialists who treat specific dental disorders, a ‘cosmetic dentist’ may be recommended for superficial dental treatments, including tooth whitening and veneers. Regardless of the dental service you opt for, it is prudent to keep in mind that a consistent dental regimen is key to optimal dental care and long-term health.

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