Moving Tips

If you’re planning to move in Chicago here are some tips that will save you time, stress, and money. The first step is to go through your place, room by room with a stick it tab and tag the items you intend to take with you. Those items that you decide will not be moving with you should either be given away or sold. Each room should have a different color stick it tab. On a separate pad, write down the color tabs and their corresponding room. When you are in your new place, the tab on the item will conveniently let you know where it belongs.

If you are going to use Chicago professional movers, they usually have their own system of marking household items. You can go through all of your possessions and write down if anything that will be moved is already chipped, cracked or scratched. All of your possessions that are free of chips, cracks and scratches should be in the same condition when the movers put them in your new place. If they are not, you should have the option of the movers’ insurance policy so you will be compensated for any damages.

Never let your irreplaceable collector’s items out of your sight since they are priceless, even if they are insured. Take your jewelry with you as well as personal necessities like eyeglasses, contacts and any other health related item. It is foolish to pack those items in boxes since they are necessary.

Make a list of all companies and agencies that you should contact before leaving and which companies you should call when arriving at your new place. That would include deactivating and activating electricity, phone/Internet, and other utilities. Call each place personally since you don’t want to find yourself responsible for unpaid bills or for charges put in your name after you have moved. Read more on

Professional Chicago movers have all the packing materials that you will need for your possessions. If you are going to pack your own possessions, you can get packing material like boxes, filler, and marking pens by looking online or in your telephone book.

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