PCB Design and Layout Services

PCB Design and Layout Services

Active enterprises offers schematic capture and PCB layout services at very competitive prices. You will find it difficult to overcome our high level of service and the low prices of services. We currently provide these services to small, medium and large electronics and computer companies around the world. Our flexible approach will give you the level of service you need, from very simple product support to complete product management.

When you finish the scheme for your current project and need to make your project be manufactured as printed circuit boards, the next step is to have a professional PCB Design Service to create your project. You can not be very careful with who you chose because you know that a perfectly good design does not guarantee a perfectly functional board if the PCB is not designed correctly. Active enterprises is your best choice for fast and accurate PCB design services. If you have drawings or sketches of your circuit and you need us to help you with your scheme, we can help you with that as well. We make sure to design your electronic schematics and boards to be fabricated.

PCB Design and Layout Services


Services Overview:

  • Schematic capture
  • PCB Layout and Design
  • Electronic Files, Schematic, Gerber Output
  • Full and BOM Documentation

Everyone knows about the success of Chinese companies in the PCB industry. These Chinese companies offer stable high quality, fast delivery and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Its services / products include unilateral, double-sided and multilayer PCBs using aluminum cover with copper and ceramic baselines, as well as companies offering services for PCB assembly China.

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